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Your Brain On Music Education Compilation 101-110

Check out the PDF below to read a compilation of the Your Brain on Music articles 101-110! more

Brain on Music Education 110: Don’t Stop the Music! More Evidence for the Lifelong Benefits of Music Training Early in Life

It is great to be back with our tenth column. This will be the second time we highlight research done in Dr. Kraus’s lab at Northwestern University.1 New research from this lab has found that the benefits of music training early in life could be seen even 40 years after training had more

Brain on Music Education 109: Another Benefit of Rigorous Music Education in Elementary School: Improved Speech Perception and Processing

Hello fellow followers of Music Empowers Foundation. We’re going to jump right into this quarter’s column, which focuses on differences in speech perception and processing between two groups of elementary-aged children ¹ more

Brain on Music Education 108: Can’t Get it Out of My Head: The Neurobiological Basis for Why We Love Music

With the first days of summer beckoning us to well-deserved downtime on the beach, trail, cottage or a far away place, there is a good chance our favorite music will be with us. more

Brain on Music Education 107: Stuck in the Middle with You. The Corpus Callosum: A Superhighway to Musicianship

In this, our 7th column, we delve more deeply into a recent Music Empowers Facebook News brief on a new study, which found that early music training was associated with structural changes in the corpus callosum and better eye-hand coordination. more

Brain on Music Education 106: Brainstem Changes following Music Education: Another Piece of the Puzzle or another Puzzling Piece?

It is wonderful to be back with another Column. We will continue to explore and explain why early music education is important for our children not only for bringing pleasure and fulfillment but also because of the additional benefits in other learning more

Brain on Music Education 105: New Proof-Music Study Effects Multiple Brain Areas

With last month’s successful MEF fundraiser behind us, it’s time for our fifth column. It is probably a good time to remind you of the key questions “Your Brain on Music Education” is addressing. You may recall when the series was introduced last summer that we were going to examine several more

Brain on Music Education 104: The Mozart Effect - A Note of Truth

Andy and I thought this month’s column should focus on “The Mozart effect.” The term was coined by the media to describe the findings of a study published in 1993 in the prestigious journal Nature (1). more

Brain on Music Education 103: Music Education and Long-Term Effects on Cognition

The results of the scientific study we are focusing on this month suggest that formal instrumental music education and regularly playing a musical instrument benefit brain plasticity and function throughout life. more

Brain on Music Education 102: Brain Plasticity 102

This month, we will summarize and elaborate on the robust study you heard about in early October through MEF tweets and Facebook updates, which reported that verbal intelligence and brain plasticity were enhanced in a group of children following music more